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By nat rosasco 22 Sep, 2016

Ugly and bruised produce have always been a costly issue for food stores, causing high shrink rates. Since customers are not commonly waiting in line to buy bruised or blemished produce, food stores have to get creative to reduce their shrink. We came up with a list of 10 tips to help you reduce shrink:

Ordering Produce- The process begins when you order the produce. Be sure to use a supplier that provides quality products. Not going with quality produce can be one of the causes of your high shrink levels. Always keep track of your entire inventory and make sure to consider it when placing orders. Keep a weekly record of what you sell and use it to estimate what you should order. For produce, that is harder to sell consider ordering it in smaller bulk sizes. When orders arrive to make sure to fully inspect each package for mold or any damaged packages.

Care for the produce- Once the produce is received it should be taken care of carefully. The produce should be kept in its recommended adequate temperature ranges while in the back room. Items like onions and bananas should not be refrigerated. Look into using night blinds on produce overnight. Night covers cover produce while the store this helps keep costs down by keeping the heat out and the cold in. Using night curtains can help extend shelf life for up to two days.

Reduce Prices – Reduce prices on matured fruits by even a few cents when overly ripe. Reducing the price of produce is better than it becoming a shrink in the future.

Train employees- Produce department employees should be well trained and understand produce so they can keep the right conditions for different fruit and vegetables. When restocking produce, employees should be trained to not dump fresh produce onto old produce. Be sure to also train cashiers to ring up produce correctly.

Consider Adding Fresh Juice- In the past few years bruised fruits have become the new superfood in the Juicing World. New found research has proved that bruised fruits are filled with more antioxidants because they have fought off natural stressors. Studies have also proven that bruised fruits can be 2 to 5% sweeter than unbruised options making it a tasty option for juices. Adding fresh juice to your food store can be an easy way to offset shrink cost. You can use our Ceado ES-700commercial juicer to juice fruits and vegetables with ease.

Other Alternate Uses– Transfer fruits and vegetables that have matured and are nearing their shelf life to the store’s deli, bakery, food court or juice bar.

This article was based on information found on ProduceRetailer.com and FoodandWine.com.

To read more on reducing shrink levels and the nutritious benefits of bruised produce head to ProduceRetailer.com or FoodandWine.com.

By nat rosasco 09 Aug, 2016


Adding fresh juice to your farmers’ market can help increase profits and increase your store’s traffic. Juicing can be an easy way lower shrinkage by using bruised fruits to make fresh juice.


Davis, CA

Fresh juices and smoothies by Bare Juices


Oakland, CA

Fresh Juice by Beet Generation      


Fort Lauderdale Area – Plantation, FL

In addition to fresh produce, they offer fresh juice and fresh tropical flavored ice.


Greater Atlanta Area – Decatur, GA

They offer a wide range of foods and products fresh produce, fresh juices, fresh catch,   you can even find international products and so much more.


Flint, MI

Juices by Willow’s Garden Juice Bar Location

They offer Fresh Juice & Smoothies made to order.


Delray Beach, FL

A farmers market offering a variety of fresh food products, prepared food, and fresh       squeezed orange juice.  


 Atlanta, GA

They offer a variety of international foods including fresh juices.

By nat rosasco 29 Jul, 2016
Photo Courtesy of http://berryblendz.com/

Berry Blendz opened up a second location in Columbus, Ohio inside Macy’s in the store’s new fitness department. The juice shop with headquarters in Colorado has been growing over the years with 4 soon to be 5 stores in Colorado, 4 locations in Minnesota, 1 in Las Vegas and 2 in Columbus, Ohio. The first Berry Blendz location in the Columbus-Ohio area opened up its door in the South Campus University District. Berry Blendz has become known for its friendly young vibe and its yummy healthy tropical, citrus, or berry blend smoothies and fresh juices. They do not only offer a variety of juices but they also offer a wide range of healthy food options making it a staple for many in the area.

The new Macy’s at the Easton Town Center Mall is geared towards an individual customer service experience catering to the customer’s desires in its stores. This prototype is the first of its kind with a focus on providing a one on one customer shopping experience. While also providing more services to customers like eye exams by a Lenscrafters in the store with a fully licensed service staff. Wedding assistance providing customers with all their needs including custom fine jewelry design options for special occasion pieces like engagement rings with loose diamonds available. A Men’s Warehouse with a full tux shop. They offer full salon and spa services.  They also have a furniture department where they have included modern furniture including furniture that comfortably fits into smaller places.

Offering healthy options like Berry Blendz to their customers is common in Macy’s stores with other collaborations for locations within its store with Just Salad, Mixed Greens, Jamba Juice, Pinkberry, and Juicepress. But what will make your experience at the Easton Town Center Mall Macy’s different than other locations will be the transformed Health and Fitness area. This department has fitness experts that know and use the merchandise so they can give you that one on one shopping experience while providing you with health and fitness tips and of course the juice will be an added bonus. They have also added in fitness brands like Gaiam for yoga apparel and partnered with brands like Finish Line.

Whether you are embarking on a new fitness journey or you are a health and fitness junkie or just a thirsty shopper we think you are going to love this new trend.

By nat rosasco 27 Jul, 2016

The National Restaurant Association surveyed 1,600 professional chefs and tapped into what is trending in the food world.  Incorporating some of these growing trends into your business is a good way to keep things fresh for your customers.

“True trends evolve over time, especially when it comes to lifestyle-based choices that extend into other areas of our everyday life. Chefs and restaurateurs are in tune with over-arching consumer trends when it comes to menu planning, but add their own twist of culinary creativity to drive those trends in new directions. No one has a better view into the window of the future of food trends than the culinary professionals who lead our industry.”    
– Hudson Riehle, senior vice president of the National Restaurant Association’s research and knowledge group


How can you incorporate these trends into your business?  Juice Bars should look in their own backyard for local sources of produce. Do you compost your pulp? Perhaps strike a deal with a local farmer to exchange pulp for a better price on local veggies. Head to your Farmer’s Market and get to know the produce suppliers and see who is local and willing to work with you.  When you turn the local produce into delicious juice blends let your customers know! This makes great content for social media, include information about your local farmer and help spread the word that your Carrot Dream Smoothie is made with local carrots from a local farm.

Ethnic food is also trending and can easily be incorporated into a Juice Bar Menu.  Turmeric, Ginger and other herbs and spices mix in well with certain juice blends and offer amazing health benefits. Get inspired by ethnic recipes and create your own original ethnic inspired juice recipes.

Healthful kids meals are also on the list and should be a standard option on your Juice Bar Menu.  You should have simple and tasty options for your little customers. Fun names and characters and stickers go a long way with kids and healthy ingredients win a lot of loyalty with Mom. When you create your kids’ menu keep it fun, think Super Heroes and Princesses.  You could also jump onto the Pokemon Go craziness and encourage Pokemon Players to visit and cool off with a smoothie.

Streetfood and food trucks are a popular trend. Can you add this to your supermarket or restaurant marketing plan?  Set up shop with some popular menu items and fresh juice at your local festivals and build your community loyalty and brand awareness.  Our Ceado ES700 is the perfect juicer for on the go juicing. You need a sturdy surface and an electrical outlet and you can serve up delicious on demand fresh juice for your customers.  If you will not have a sink nearby stick with hard fruit and vegetable recipes like a yummy carrot apple blend.

Check out the rest of the 2016 Culinary Forecast.

By nat rosasco 13 Jul, 2016

Lemon juice has become one of the trendiest ingredients in cleansing and detox diets. According to the Global Healing Center, the citric acid in lemon juice helps the body create digestive juices and helps with its digestive process. It can also assist with kidney stones, respiratory problems, liver cleansing, and sore throats.

There is a variety of lemon cleanses online but the most popular cleanse is currently the Lemon Juice-Master Cleanse. This became the go-to trend after Beyoncé Knowles credited her weight loss for the 2006 film “Dreamgirls” to this lemonade- Master Cleanse diet. This cleanse derives from a book written by Stanley Burroughs called the “Master Cleanser;.” In this book, he first introduced this 10-day detox with the ingredients as a way to cure stomach ulcers naturally. Then in 2004 Peter Glickman reintroduced the same recipe in his book “Lose Weight, Have More Energy, and Be Happier in 10 Days,” as a detox to cleanse, re-energize and quickly lose weight.

This diet is praised by many for its ability to shed up to 20 pounds within a 10-day period. The cleanse requires a 10-day diet of the Lemon Juice-Master Cleanse recipe. Those on the diet are advised to not consume any solids or additional foods except for laxative tea in the morning and at night.

 We recommend the Ceado S98 and SL98 Commercial Electric juicers as great lemon juicers for this recipe. For more information on the Lemon Cleanse and the research behind it visit Mastercleanse.com.

By nat rosasco 01 Jul, 2016

In honor of National Blueberry Month, we here at Juicernet will be sharing one of our best juice recipes, a patriotic red white and blue popsicle recipe to help you refresh as you celebrate the fourth of July.

For this recipe you will need a juicer, we recommend our ES-500 or the ES-700 and popsicle molds which can usually be found at your local grocery store. You may also get popsicle sticks for ease of use. To make more popsicles add 2 cups of blueberries and 2 cups of strawberries per popsicle mold. You may juice the strawberries and blueberries before freezing the juices just be sure to refrigerate the blueberry juice.

By nat rosasco 05 Feb, 2016

Smoothies are often selected over juice when the customer wants a heartier drink, possibly even a meal replacement. This will continue in 2016 with smoothie ingredients including more vegetables, health boosters, and even global inspiration.  Smoothie trends for 2016 include the delicious Smoothie Bowl option which is continuing to gain popularity and is a staple at many juice bars today. Fast Casual  gathered 10 smoothie trends for 2016 .  

Here are the 10 smoothie trends for this year:

  1. Build-your-own: Smoothie bar concepts that allow customers to customize drinks for a ‘Chipotle-style’ dining experience are seeing huge success.
  2. Health boosters: Ingredients such as protein, superfoods and heathy fats, transform a regular smoothie from a typical snack into a functional, tasty supplement.
  3. Smoothie meals:These smoothies often contain superfood ingredients and beneficial additives to keep customers feeling sustained all day long.
  4. Smoothie bowls: Smoothie bowls are thicker than traditional smoothies with added ice, frozen fruits and vegetables, protein powders and healthy fats.
  5. Sugar alternatives: As consumers continue to look for ways to add functional ingredients, sugar alternatives are also becoming increasingly popular.
  6. Colorful veggies: Consumers are looking beyond traditional greens in smoothies, making veggies such as beets, carrots, pumpkin and cabbage poised to take off.
  7. Global inspiration: Global influences that have transformed the food culture are now making their way into beverages with matcha, horchata and lassi leading the way.
  8. Spices and herbs: The use of culinary herbs enhance smoothies with bold flavors, and spices add a warm and spicy kick to cool concoctions.
  9. Low-profile liquids: Liquids beyond dairy milk and fruit juice are gaining popularity in the smoothie segment.
  10. Adult smoothies: These drinks are smoothies with one extra ingredient — alcohol.

Read the rest of the article at  Fast Casual 10 Smoothie Trends.

By nat rosasco 03 Feb, 2016
Commercial Juicers are being added to Universities as students request healthier choices on campus. This was the case with Texas Tech when they listened to requests from the Student Government Association requesting a juice bar. We are glad they contacted Juicernet so we could help them with this project and get them 2 Ceado ES700’s for their juice bar.  Students at Texas Tech University can head over to the Student Union for a glass of fresh juice!  During their busy times like lunch the staff makes a bunch of fresh juice and puts them in the cooler so students can grab a quick juice and head back to class.  

By nat rosasco 15 Jul, 2015

If you have a busy juice bar you have a lot of pulp.  What do you do with all of the leftover juice pulp?  We listed our 20 favorite uses for the juice pulp and juice pulp recipes from around the web. One thing to keep in mind as you read these creative ideas is that they can not be used for all types of juice pulp.  Grapes, tomatoes and other fruits and vegetables should not be consumed by dogs so you would not want to make the dog biscuits out of pulp that contained those foods.  Carrot and apple pulp are the most flexible and taste good in many recipes, other juicing ingredients like greens might not make the yummiest fruit leather but as with juice recipes, it is best to experiment and find your favorite.  

Prolific Juicing  has 11 ideas but first they answer a very important question, when to use your pulp.

3 Options on When to Use Your Pulp

Option #1: Use the pulp immediately after juicing so that it is at its freshest state.
Option #2: Put the pulp in a zip lock bag or a glass container with a tight-lid and store in your fridge and use within a few days.
Option #3: Freeze your pulp for future use.

By nat rosasco 23 Jun, 2015

Targeted toward the home juicer but could be coming to some commercial juice operations.

The Packer reports on two companies adding Juice Kits to their offerings.  “There’s no argument that The Packer is the fresh fruit and vegetable industry’s leading source for news, information and analysis. The Packer has been reporting every week on the produce industry since 1893. ThePacker.com  serves fresh fruit and vegetable growers, packers, and shippers; produce retailers; foodservice distributors; fresh-cut processors; wholesale produce distributors, and allied product and service providers.”

  Fresh-cut specialist Freshline Foods has launched a new line of produce for juicing .

Mississauga, Ontario-based Freshline’s Juicing Kit line features cut beets, kale, apples, carrots and other fresh fruits and vegetables, according to a company news release.

“Consumers today are more focused on being healthy but also want quick and easy meal solutions that fit in with their busy lifestyle,” Noel Brigido, Freshline’s vice president, said in the release.

“Juicing has grown over the years, to the point where it has become a mainstream meal replacement for many consumers. Adding the convenience of ready-to-go solutions will further promote this into the future.”

The first Juicing Kit product is a Kale Boost kit, which features fresh-cut kale, carrot, apples, celery, beets and ginger. The product is packed in a 12-ounce stand-up bag with high-color graphics.
Future additions to the line will include organic products.

  Harvest Sensations  has added three organic products to its ready-to-juice fresh produce line .

Spinach Splash, Lemon Ginger Twist and Cool Carrot Craze began shipping in late August. The organic line launched in April with Kale Blast. The products come in 12-ounce bags. Shelf life is 12 to 14 days.

“The juice market is incredibly strong,” said Terri Fletcher, director of foodservice and retail development for Los Angeles-based Harvest Sensations. “Juicing themed restaurants are popping up across the U.S., and given juicing is popular as a meal solution any time of day, this group of restaurants’ success rate is above the industry standard.”

Distribution of the new products has focused on retail, but some foodservice operators are purchasing them for health clubs and universities, Fletcher said.

The cut and washed line includes:

  • Kale Blast with kale, apples, beets, celery, cucumbers and carrots;
  • Spinach Splash with spinach, zucchini, celery, carrots, apples and beets;
  • Lemon Ginger Twist with lemon, ginger, beets, kale, apples and zucchini; and
  • Cool Carrot Craze with carrots, apples, zucchini, chards and celery.

 “We recognize the importance and value of what is healthy, good for families, and convenient, whether it be organic juicing or organic salads,” she said.


Helping you profit while promoting good health.
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