Citrus Juicing FAQ

Citrus Juicing FAQ

View our Citrus Procurement Manual for more information about juicing citrus.


Are oranges available on a 12 month basis?

Yes. There are fruit varieties available from the east coast and west coast twelve months of the year. Their seasons are opposite; therefore, fruit availability is plentiful.

What model of equipment do you recommend?

What volume of juicing are you currently doing or projecting to do? If less than 1 per day, we recommend the Ceado SL98. Anything greater than two cases, we recommend the Fresh ‘n Squeeze CJ or JBT Fresh ‘n Squeeze MFJ.

What is the yield difference between the “whole fruit extraction principle” (Fresh ‘n Squeeze, formally FMC) and the “Cut and Press” process?

With the Fresh ‘n Squeeze technology, the machine separates the pulp and juice from the peel and blends the pulp into the juice, resulting in approximately 350 ounces per case. The “cut and press” process slices and presses the fruit resulting in lower yield at approximately 280 ounces per case because with this technology, all the pulp is not extracted from the fruit.

Do you get a taste of peel oil in the juice?

The Fresh ‘N Squeeze technology offers the lowest peel oil in the industry. With the slice and press, depending on the thickness of the peel, some peel oil can enter the juice when the fruit is being sliced by the machine.

How much can I sell a 10 oz. glass of juice for?

You should check your market area, but the larger metropolitan areas will sell for $2.50 a serving.

How difficult is it to clean the machine?

The Fresh ‘N Squeeze has five moving all stainless steel and plastic parts that are dishwasher safe. After removing the juicing parts, the machine can be sprayed or hosed down (not high pressure) for sanitation. We offer a food safe chemical for assistance in the cleaning process.

What is the maintenance on the machines?

The maintenance on the Fresh ‘N Squeeze depends on the volume of the user. Low to medium volume, the machine requires lubrication twice a year. A food safe grease should be used for the grease points that are recommended in the service manual. 

Who do I contact for service?

We have nearly 100 service agencies in North America to provide warranty and follow up service, if necessary. We also have a service center in New York. Please review our Parts/Service page for additional information.

Who do I call if I need parts?

Call our toll free number (800) 627-2886 and ask the operator for the Parts Department.

Can I use these juicers for grapefruit juice? Lemon or lime juice?

The Fresh ‘N Squeeze Model MFJ is the only machine that will do grapefruit. All of the other citrus equipment will process oranges, lemons and limes.

Who are your competitors and how do you compare with them?

Juice Tree and Zumex are our competitors. The Fresh ‘N Squeeze technology offers 25% more yield, less maintenance and offers the highest quality juice with the least amount of peel oil. The JuiceMatic technology is identical to the Zumex and offers the same yield and performance.

Is the equipment NSF approved?

The Fresh ‘N Squeeze is globally NSF and UL approved.

How can we pay for the equipment?

Check, Credit card, or leasing is available.

Does the JetSpray come with the Fresh ‘N Squeeze juicer?

Cooling dispensers are available for self- service operations at an additional cost.
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