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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Juicernet by Mulligan Associates attending the PMA’s 2016 Fresh Summit Convention and Expo in Orlando, Fla. October 14-16, 2016

Jupiter, FL – September 14, 2016

Representatives from JBT Fresh’n Squeeze of Lakeland Florida will join the Juicernet by Mulligan Associates team at the PMA’s 2016 Fresh Summit Convention and Expo. Juicernet is the distributor of the world’s finest juice extractors and will proudly be displaying their machines at the show.

“We are excited to be back at the PMA’s Fresh Summit Expo sharing our successful fresh juice program. We use our industry expertise to match the right juicing equipment with both customer needs and consumer demand; while providing over 34 years of experience and insights to help market your new juicing program.” Says President Gene Mulligan.

Juicernet by Mulligan Associates is a full-service commercial juice bar equipment company. Their customers include supermarkets, hotels, restaurants, juice bars, catering facilities at Universities, hospitals, and other businesses. Juicernet provides their customers with the best equipment for their needs and budgetary guidelines. They provide training materials for juiceologists and managers as well as service and support for the machines.

On display will be the Ceado ES-700 fruit and vegetable juicer. This juicer is full of innovative features like a whisper soft motor, double feed chutes, and magnetic basket for easy no-tool removal and fast cleaning. The Ceado ES-700 will be juicing delicious fruit and vegetable juice for all visitors to Booth 263. The S-961 Pineapple Corer will also be on display. Retailers can easily earn up to 300% more profit by displaying cored pineapples. 

Citrus juicers will be excited to see JBT Fresh’n Squeeze. They will be serving fresh squeezed orange juice to visitors with their Multi-Fruit Juicer. The MFJ utilizes the Whole Fruit Extraction method for higher yield and sweeter juice.

The Produce Marketing Association’s (PMA) 2016 Fresh Summit Convention & Expo will deliver the fresh produce and floral industry’s best innovations, networking, and professional education—plus the largest Fresh Summit expo ever—when it convenes October 14-16, in Orlando, Florida, USA.

Juicernet by Mulligan Associates is based in Jupiter, Florida. They are the exclusive North American Master Distributor for Ceado and JBT Fresh’n Squeeze Commercial Juice Extractors. In business, for over 30 years they provide their customers with extraordinary customer service.

 To reach Juicernet contact Nicole Loomis at 1-800-627-2886 or by email at Nicole@juicernet.com. Visit their website at www.juicernet.com.
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